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Germany, go FUCK yourself!

Okay, everything is going well with the camera project. I decided to do something about a boat rental. Hope there will be some people that rent a boat so that I can get some nice pictures and put them into a good story.

Now, I'm on L Word Season 5. Fucking amazing. I appreciate XD.

Yesterday, I was kinda pissed. I mean why those dickheads won the quarter-finals and kicked the Portuguese out of the match?? It's fucking luck ... so the german soccer team should go fuck itself!

Tomorrow, I will take some pictures of popular buildings here in Leipzig with my digital camcorder for the camera project. Have to do this, cos there isn't any time doing it on Monday. So, I get my things done before.

Okay, that's it for now. See you guys!
blackdaw am 20.6.08 19:03


Gin Tonic on Ice

Yeah. I'm chilling. Watching the soccer game on TV. Italy vs. France. Nice match. I'd like to see Netherlands vs. Romania, but they don't show it. However, I'm a bit tired of the day. Bought a 1 GB RAM for my computer and Cliss was checking out the components for her new PC. At the end, she ordered a great one via the Ineternet. Very good offer!!

Yesterday, I finished watching L Word Season 4! What a fucking great Season!! I do like it! Can't wait to buy the DVDs when they'll be released in Germany ... in about 5 years ... maybe *lol*. No, I hope for a soon release!

A lot of things to do this week. Some are done, but I have to get in contact with the man from the "MS Weltfrieden" because of my MDR camera project. Calling him tomorrow. Hopefully everything gets clear and done!
blackdaw am 17.6.08 21:46

Front or backside!?

Hallo, Freunde der Sonne!

Hab mir heute mal Gedanken gemacht wegen dem Wadentattoo. Habs mal grob auf der Wade skizziert. Und dann nochmal vorn aufs Schienbein - und ich muss sagen: Schienbein ist EXTREM geil!!! Hätt ich nich gedacht. Weil da isses auch noch bissl auffälliger, auf der Wade sieht man das ja quasi nur von hinten. Das würde bedeuten, dass man das auf Fotos z.B. gar nicht sehen würde *gg* Ich hab das Ganze auch mal fotografiert. Bilder sind unten. Also ich will ma n paar Meinungen hören!! Vorn oder hinten, was meint ihr??

ANMERKUNG: Es soll das RECHTE Bein sein! Ich hab in den Spiegel fotografiert - also nicht wundern!

blackdaw am 8.6.08 16:01

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